Support and administration of the site

We fill your site as often as you want it to.
We care that your site remains interesting and bright.

Being the owner of website is not only to have an opportunity to manage it, but also the responsibility to support its work and information on it. Just to download the information on the site and forget about it, won't give you any results. Any website needs regular technical support if you want your site to be successful.

Why site administration is so important?

Your site will work uninterruptedly with regular technical support. Because an uninterrupted site work is your face of the company, its image. 

Do you remember what you think of company which site constantly displays errors or a message that it is infected with a virus and there is a danger to your computer or when you go to a certain page you get to white space or to an error message?

Remember, the more often the information on your site is updated, the more "alive" your site is, it means it is more interesting to both visitors and search engines. 

Regular updated information is your way to the first page in Google, Yandex, Yahoo and other search engines.

Our team will update the information on your site as often as you want. We guarantee that your site will stay bright and live.

To do this, you need to make a good supporting plan of the site and follow it!

We offer:

  • Rewriting a text in a different form or manner but keeping an original meaning. 
  • Copypaste is an information that has been copied from one place and pasted to another.
  • Writing a unique text.