The fixed-wing drone (PARROT DISCO FPV)

Drones are increasingly being used for everything from shooting films to surveying the tops of trees and, for the most part, they are all helicopter derivatives – choppers with four, six or eight rotorblades. Fixed-wing, more conventionally aeroplane-looking drones have until now been a military thing. But French company Parrot has brought out its first jet plane-style drone, the £1,150 Disco. It’s much faster than its rotorblade-bound rivals, flying at up to 50mph. It also comes with Parrot Cockpitglasses, a headset that streams and records HD video from the Disco, so you can effectively be the on-board pilot and feel like you are flying. A pure thrill machine with no immediate secondary purpose, but extraordinary technology for anyone brought up on model aeroplanes with a rubber band for an engine. Just try not to cause any international diplomatic incidents in no-fly zones.