iSlim - take your weight under control

Healthy eating and good sleep are your way to weight loss.

iSlim - take your weight under control

This app will not count calories or show exercise videos. iSlim will help you understand how your body works by maximizing your metabolism. With the help of the iSlim app, you will see how healthy food and good sleep affect your weight and improve your well-being. Achieve your weight loss goals by developing healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Remember the main rule: “the simpler the food, the healthier I am.”

Here you will find answers to questions:

- Why in the morning, after a good sleep, do I weigh less than after an active day?

- How does the amount of water I drink affect my weight?

- Why do I gain weight after stress?

- What hormones affect my weight?

- How easy is it to lose weight?


  • handy weight tracker
  • water tracker
  • sleep tracker
  • lots of healthy and easy cooking recipes
  • interesting and useful articles to achieve the goal
  • sync with Apple Health fitness app for real-time step and exercise tracking
  • the opportunity to invite your friend and lose weight together


  • every day in the morning and in the evening add your weight to the application
  • record the amount of water you drink throughout the day
  • sleep well
  • avoid junk food
  • walk at least 10,000 steps per day
  • enter data by measuring your body (weight, waist, body fat, chest, arms)
  • give up bad habits, love your body

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iSlim - take your weight under control
iSlim - take your weight under control
iSlim - take your weight under control
iSlim - take your weight under control